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Commitment to Community
Mawuli and Rob with Columbia High School student at Shadow a Lawyer Day.

The Davis Bozeman Law Firm has demonstrated a genuine concern and support for uplifting our community by providing: 1) pro bono (free) legal services; 2) “Know Your Legal Rights” Workshops; and 3) financial support to programs and initiatives that educate and empower.

Attorneys Davis and Bozeman routinely have taken pro bono cases to ensure that justice, equality, and fair play are a reality for people that have historically been marginalized and disenfranchised. Additionally, the firm provides programs and training at churches, conferences, schools, and other gatherings to educate the community about their legal rights. The Davis Bozeman Law Firm has committed its financial resources to supporting children’s programs, community activism, and other efforts that seek to expand and protect the human rights of all members of society.


Some examples of The Davis Bozeman Law Firm’s willingness to provide legal services to community members in need are provided below:

Mawuli representing former City Councilman Derrick Boazman and other advocates for the homeless. .

“The only thing romantic about the struggle, is the love we must have for the people."

-Mawuli Mel Davis

Rob with children at “If you can see you can be it” program.


Some examples of The Davis Bozeman Law Firm’s willingness to support positive community efforts are provided below :

Attorney Bozeman and Attorney Davis in press conference, with former Mayor of Lithonia Joyce McKibben.