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Desni Scaife


Desni Scaife is an Associate at Davis Bozeman Johnson Law. She is a member of the LitigationTeam, where she focuses on personal injury and advocates for members of the community who deserve justice.


Desni earned her Juris Doctor degree from Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Prior to that, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from The University of Alabama-Huntsville, where she attended on a track and field scholarship. Her passion for helping others, education, and justice are credited to her upbringing in Auburn, Alabama.

As a law student, Desni worked under Professor Angela A. Bell as a Research Assistant for the Louis A. Berry Civil Rights Institute. She also worked with the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals and gained experience in state government as an Executive Law Clerk for the Louisiana Department of Transportation. 

Desni’s prior legal experience includes prosecution and legal advocacy for tenants in the Atlanta Metro area. She is a member of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA), Gate City Bar Association, the American Bar Association and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

Desni enjoys strength training, writing, reading, and music.


Desni Scaife and Imani McFarley. “The Hammond Guards and the Intersection of Race, Guns, and Patriotism: What an Unknown Story of African American Resistance Reveals about the Concept of Patriotism and Its Relation to the Second Amendment.” American Bar Association, 10 Oct. 2019.

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The University of Alabama - Huntsville

Bachelor of Arts

Southern University Law Center

Juris Doctor


F: 888.360.6516

O: 404.244.2004 - Atlanta

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